Wood Baby Threshold


Product Description

The Wood Baby Threshold Flooring Transition is designed to finish the gap where the wood floor ends usually in doorways and can be used to join different kinds of floors, fireplaces, or sliding glass doors.



The Wood Baby Threshold Flooring Transition marries two different profile flooring types such as hardwood to plush carpeting, and is often used at exterior doorways, sliding glass doors, and floor-to-ceiling windows as a finished treatment to maintain the proper expansion gap. This transition is offered in all GoHaus engineered wood colors.

Dimensions: 9/16" x 1" x 84"

Please Note: Shipping times may vary depending on the wood species and in-stock availability.

  • Maple and European Oak transitions will ship with flooring unless out of stock. Lead time is 2-6 weeks for delivery if item is out of stock at time of purchase.
  • Exotics, Value Woods, and Acacia transitions are special order and prices and sizes vary. Transitions will ship separately via small parcel within 2-3 weeks directly from our vendor.
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