6.6" Almeria - Click - Vinyl Plank Flooring


$2.59 / SQFT

Product Description

The statement maker.  Almeria luxury vinyl plank flooring comes in a brighter, bolder chroma than the rest of our wire-brushed collection, and it can spectacularly transform a space when used correctly. Placed in conjunction (or juxtaposition) with toned-down furniture and muted accents, this luxury vinyl floor takes center stage. This is a good thing, because Almeria click lock vinyl plank floors sure does love the limelight. Named after the gorgeous Moorish architecture of the Spanish countryside, the rich tan and golden hues are broken up nicely by the darker wire-brushed texture that streaks across every plank. If you are ready to take your space to a whole new level, this statement maker may be just what you’re looking for.

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  • Flooring Type - Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • Installation Method - Click-lock
  • Residential Warranty - 30 year Warranty
  • Thickness - 4.3 mm thick
  • Wear Layer - 0.3 mm (12 mil)
  • Width - 6.65" wide
  • Length - 48" long
  • Finish - Prime urethane and ceramic bead coating
  • Green Features - 50% recycled content, 100% recyclable. FloorScore Certified
  • SQFT Per Box - 22.00
  • Weight per Box - 34.9 lb

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