Avalanche - Ceramic - Tile Flooring


$2.29 / SQFT

Product Description

Mother nature’s might. Avalanche ceramic tile flooring is dashing, primal, and radiant, with a dynamic charm that excites the senses. The clean character of these ceramic floors will pique visual interest with an energetic twist on the modern design trend.

A free sample of Avalanche will show you that despite our attractive prices, ceramic tiles fromGoHaus bring style and durability together to create tremendous value. Pictures cannot truly do this tile flooring justice, as the quality and untainted finish must be felt by hand. The PEI rating of 4 may be an enthralling, reliable statistic, but its only a number. To truly understand why your home needs a creative Avalanche, a no-risk, 100% free tile flooring sample is ideal. 

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  • Flooring Type: Tile
  • Flooring Material: Ceramic
  • Overall Tile Thickness: 8 mm
  • Width: 6"
  • Length: 24"
  • Rectified?: No
  • PEI Rating: PEI 4
  • Water Absorbency: 3 %
  • SQFT Per Box: 10.76
  • Weight per Box: 41.8 lb
  • Recommended Installation Location: Indoor

Customer Reviews

  • ronnie
    nice tile June 2, 2016

    really like this tile and the people i worked with were great.

  • Diane P.
    Very happy May 18, 2016

    Took advantage of the free samples Gohaus offers. I didn't get all 6 at first, but I should have because i ended up ordering a few more samples with the help of their sales team. I picked this one in my second sample order and it turned out to be just perfect. Just goes to show that you should be open to options. Thanks go haus!

  • Kathy
    Love the color May 12, 2016

    My husband and I used this tile for our master bathroom remodel. We wanted to create a bright and airy feeling, almost beach-like, and this tile did the trick! Definitely recommend this color and gohaus. Great company to work with!

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