union yoga studio

Our team had the pleasure of making Kelli's acquaintance mid-2017, as she was on the hunt for flooring to outfit her brand new yoga studio. It's been such a pleasure working with her, and watching her on her journey of opening her business! Now, she is open for business, and we recently had a mini-interview with her to discuss how she came to find GoHaus!

union yoga studio

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your business!

Hi! Kelli, Founder of Union Yoga. Union Yoga is an infrared heated vinyasa yoga studio in downtown Monterey, California

How did you learn about GoHaus.com and determine that is was the right flooring vendor for you?

I found GoHaus on Houzz.com via a google search. I was looking for beautiful flooring that was durable, could be laid over concrete, have easy installation and also feel like wood under bare feet and hands. I received samples via the GoHaus website and a call with Kelly at GoHaus. I discussed my needs, we chose the samples and off we went. I compared the samples to all ranges of flooring on the market and found that the WPC exceeded what the design market would consider top/high end flooring on the market for 1/2 the price.

What challenges did you face in your new space that required a certain type of floor?

The flooring was placed on a mid-size medium grade underlayment over a concrete floor. The flooring had to be able to handle water bottle spills, sweat, infrared heat blasting on it and yet still be barefoot comfortable. Students ask regularly if it is real wood flooring (and I’ve given away several samples and extra pieces that people have asked for for their own homes).

union yoga studio

What additional criteria did you use to choose flooring?

Price was definitely a factor. I had to pay for the majority of the building renovation and this was a lot of flooring! My contractor and honestly, all of the subcontractors that saw and worked with the flooring asked for information

on it because it is so easy to install, beautiful and affordable. My contractor commented that he wished he knew about it before he remodeled his home.

Did you have any concerns buying floors online? What helped you overcome them?

Buying online is a risk so I purchased a box and had my contractor and 

friends look at it and work with it to let me know what they thought. We laid out a small floor, laid our hands and feet on it, and literally ran nails across it to see what we thought. I don’t recommend you try this but the floor was stronger than the nail (we rubbed off the dark streaks left behind).

Any additional comments?

The floor is not only great but honestly, the people who work at GoHaus sold me. They are incredibly passionate, patient and knowledgeable. At one point I asked a question and pretty sure a few people gathered to discuss my need (infrared heaters) before answering. I took months to decide which flooring I wanted because the floor of a yoga studio is the main focal point and hands down made the right decision. I could not be happier with the outcome. It was a great investment.

All photos courtesy of Union Yoga Monterey