Calacata - Porcelain - Tile Flooring

$3.49 / SQFT

Product Description

The Power of Alabaster. By adding the pure, unblemished beauty of Calacata rectified porcelain tile to your home’s flooring, you send a strong signal about your passion for sophistication. The lighter tonality works best in upscale design schemes and the muted dark streaks soften the visual impact, creating intrigue in every piece.

Porcelain tile floors that show like old world marble add a sense of history and timelessness to a home. Despite the ageless beauty of rectified porcelain, Calacata is distinctively modern and even follows current design trends. This style demands one’s attention, and any room adorned with Calacata porcelain tiles will be imbued with distinction.

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  • Flooring Type: Tile
  • Flooring Material: Porcelain
  • Overall Tile Thickness: 10 mm
  • Width: 16"
  • Length: 24"
  • Rectified?: Yes
  • PEI Rating: PEI 4
  • Water Absorbency: < 0.5%
  • SQFT Per Box: 15.82
  • Weight per Box: 70.54 lbs
  • Recommended Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Customer Reviews

  • Al
    thanks a million June 9, 2016

    ecstatic about this tile and how it looks. thank you!

  • joy rene
    perfect for my glam bathroom remodel May 16, 2016

    i recently bought a condo and out of the entirew place, the only room that needed a serious overhaul was the bathroom. i used this in my shower, it's awesome. i love it! makes the whole bathroom feel bnright and open!

  • ava
    service was fantastic May 12, 2016

    i'm giving this a 4 star rating simply because i did not end up ordering/installing. long story short, the project i had planned for this tile was cancelled, but i still wanted to provide a review because the service i experienced was just so great.

    first, the samples. gohaus offers 6 samples for free, which was fantastic as a lot of other places i was speaking with charged. i ordered 6 i thought would be great and they arrived quickly. the specialist i worked with promptly followed up with me to see what i thought of the samples, he even offered to send me a few more for free when i told him i couldn't decide between a couple colors.

    second, the service. the guy i spoke with took the time to ask me about my project (commercial space) and desired outcome. really great conversation and i know he really understood my vision.

    third, the pricing. the flat rate shipping would have been a huge savings for me had my project not been cancelled. you really can't beat a flat rate price with tile.

    if my project gets going again, i will buy from gohaus 100%. if you're considering buying from them, i highly recommend you do.

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