GoHaus is an online retailer. We don't have any storefronts, we don't sell our flooring in big box retailers, and we don't have sales people peddling our product from door-to-door. We are what is known as a manufacturer-direct business.

We act as the manufacturer and retailer for all of our products; working directly with the factory, merchandising the raw materials, and cataloging all flooring products in-house. After helping customers find the right floor, we ship the product directly to their front door.

If GoHaus wasn't built this way, customers would unfortunately buy a product that is marked up every time it changes hands from the factory to the manufacturer to the distributor and so on... Typical markup in such scenarios can result in up to a 200% price increase by the time a homeowner is ready to purchase.

For simplicity's (and sanity's) sake, we're keeping things painless for you. At the end of the day, we just want to make sure our customers are buying a high-quality flooring at the right price.

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