Sample Bundles

Sample bundles are a great way to compare and contrast colors and materials. To help take the guesswork out of picking a floor, we've pre-selected 11 free sample bundles. Each sample bundle includes 6 floor samples, measuring approximately 11" long and 5-7" wide in order to give you an accurate idea of color, texture, and pattern.
  • Rich & Dark Bundle
  • Light & Bright Bundle
  • Calm & Cool Bundle
  • Rustic Golden Bundle
  • High Demand Bundle
  • Build Your Own Sample Bundle
  • Kim's Sample Bundle
  • Katie's Sample Bundle
  • Taylor's Sample Bundle
  • Joe's Sample Bundle
  • Philip's Sample Bundle
  • Michael's Sample Bundle
  • Blonde Hardwoods Bundle
  • Gray Hardwoods Bundle
  • Red Hardwoods Bundle
  • Dark Hardwoods Bundle
  • Golden Hardwoods Bundle
  • Click Vinyl Plank Bundle
  • Glue Down Vinyl Plank Bundle