If you’ve read any of my articles before, then you know that I speak with a lot of customers on a daily basis. In those conversations, I often get asked, “what do you recommend?” Well, I can say with 100% certainty that click flooring is the way to go.

Click flooring is a type of flooring system / installation method associated with luxury vinyl where in each plank or tile is outfitted with a tongue and a groove. The tongue and groove allows planks to easily slide into one another and click into place. Click flooring is top on my recommendation list because it’s DIY-friendly, requiring no adhesive whatsoever. I’ve found it’s also common that a click floor (typically, luxury vinyl) is used temporarily while small children or pets are present in order to preserve and protect hardwood floors below from scratches, accidents, and spills.

Looking back on my interactions with customers, I’ve outlined some click floor design ideas based on what’s most popular with our buyers.

White Washed Click Designs

One of our most popular floor designs is Blanc Petina. The best thing about this floor is that it is a luxury vinyl click floor design, which means it’s easy to install, easy to clean, and resilient.

Natural Finishes

Some of the top design ideas for click floors include a natural and warm wood look and feel that runs throughout the main floor of the house. Some of our most popular colors that fit within this design category are Aragon, Loire, Castello, and Islay Fog

Gray Wood Click Designs

Ever since we’ve been expanding our wood flooring lines, we’ve seen a huge interest in gray wood colors, such as our Charter Oak flooring and Seven Sisters Oak flooring. While these wood floors aren’t technically “click” in the traditional vinyl sense, they are able to float over subfloors, taking some of the labor-intensive work out of installation.

Wire Brushed Texture

Common to all of these categories and most popular click floor design ideas is the fact that each is textured (in the case of the luxury vinyl) or wire brushed (in the case of the wood). Our top design ideas for click floors among customers show that texture is important.

And there you go; our top sellers in the click floor category. If you’d like to learn about our click flooring feel free to give us a call at 1-844-334-2877.