Back in the good ole days, natural hardwood flooring would have some great texture that give floors what people would call, “character”.

With the rise of engineered hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring, achieving this texture requires a little extra work. There are two different ways to achieve texture for these materials: machine scraping or hand scraping.

Hand Scraped Flooring vs. Machine Scraped Flooring

Hand scraped flooring today is designed to have the look of a unique, older style floor, while still modern and polished. No two planks will ever be the same. Since hand scraped materials require more manual labor, they are also more expensive. Hand scraped laminate and vinyl will give the floors a more authentic wood-look.

Flooring that is machine-scraped will cost less, but have a repetitive pattern.

Easy to Maintain

Compared to classic, smooth hardwood floors, hand scraped floors require minimal maintenance. You never have to re-scrape or refinish it. If your floor sustains minor damage from furniture or general wear and tear, it is easily hidden.

Not “Distressed”

Hand scraped wood is actually not the same as “distressed” wood. Although they both have similar manufacturing processes, hand scraped hardwood will have more variation than distressed hardwood. Distressed hardwood will almost always be scraped by a machine, and be more uniform plank to plank.

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