Radiant heat systems come up a lot in conversations we have with customers; especially when they are planning a floor installation. A radiant heat system is a heating system that is installed underneath a floor. It consists of either hot water tubes or electric wires running along the floor and distributing heat evenly.

In these conversations with our customers, the common question is: what kind of flooring is okay to use with a radiant heat system?

A lot of flooring is actually okay for installation over a radiant heat system because they are either great heat conductors or are built with stability. All of the flooring we carry can be installed over radiant heat systems. For example, porcelain and ceramic tile can be installed over radiant heat system. It conducts heat well and won’t contract or expand due to variances in temperature. For those who want a wood look without the temperature concern, then wood look tile would be a great direction to go over a radiant heat floor system.

If real wood is more up your alley, we recommend engineered wood to install over a radiant heat system. Because engineered wood is built in cross ply layers, the expanding and contracting (which is characteristic of solid hardwood) is minimal.

Another option we offer is interlocking luxury vinyl flooring, which can also be installed over radiant heat systems.

The important thing to keep in mind is to always give proper adjustment time for the flooring to adapt to the heated floors before using at high temperatures. No matter where you purchase your flooring, we always recommend reading the warranty and installation instructions. Those will have specifications for what temperatures the radiant heat system should be kept at for the flooring materials being installed.

If you have any questions regarding which types of floors can be installed over radiant heat floors, give us a call at 1-844-334-2877.