Although flooring may seem cut and dry, the industry is continuously changing to bringing in new innovations to the market. We are in a world where products are constantly improved for increased durability, better style, and more functionality. So what’s new in the flooring world?

WPC Flooring

Short for “wood-plastic composite”, WPC flooring is making a huge splash in the flooring industry right now. What is it exactly? WPC flooring is basically LVT on steroids. By combining the benefits of plastic and luxury vinyl flooring, WPC is 100% waterproof, easy to install and incredibly versatile. WPC uses a similar click locking installation system for floating floors, meaning it’s quick and easy to install as well.

Extra Long Plank, Extra Wide Flooring 

Sure, some flooring manufacturers are already advertising “long” planks at 6 feet in length and “wide” planks at 5 inches or more. This style has recently become more and more popular among buyers today. But, have you heard of planks as long as 8 feet and as wide as 9 inches? Well, be ready, because it’s coming! Longer, wider plank flooring means that it will take fewer planks to cover a space, resulting in fewer end seams. The fewer the end seams, the more you can appreciate the beauty of the flooring itself. Extra long plank flooring makes any room seem to go on forever, and is a beautiful addition to any modern space.

Fold Down Locking System

Some manufacturers have improved the “click-lock” interlocking system between planks to make installing even easier. The planks automatically click together when they drop down, or you can slide them together when you’re in tough spots. Talk about easy! What is even better, the system is stronger than the regular click-lock planks, so you don’t have to worry about chipped corners.

If you’re in the market for flooring, this all sounds great right? Well, we have good news! As we continue to expand, be on the lookout for all of these innovations at GoHaus.