The difference between click vinyl and glue-down vinyl comes up a lot with customers I work with; as it should because the type of plank will determine installation method and potential additional cost. We don’t want to leave you guessing, so here’s the deal with click vinyl and glue-down vinyl planks.

Click (or interlocking) Vinyl

  • Construction: The planks have an interlocking mechanism around their edges so that each plank will click together and lock in place. This way, the planks will not move or shift once installed. You will often hear the click explained as a tongue and groove.
  • Installation: Click vinyl is DIY-friendly in regards to installation. No glue is required, so you can install the floor using a method known as floating. This means the planks are laid on top of your subfloor and/or underlayment free of adhesives. The weight of the planks and interlocking mechanism is what keeps the floor in place.
  • Underlayment: Believe it or not, the use of underlayment is a constant question as well. For click, we recommend installing a silent guard underlayment for added cushion and sound barrier.

Glue-Down Vinyl: 

  • Construction: Vinyl comes as a flexible plank (this applies to click vinyl and glue-down), made from a PVC. The two uppermost portions of the plank are the print film (what gives it the realistic wood look) and the wear layer. The wear layer is what helps protect the print film from wear and tear.
  • Installation: As the name suggests, all glue-down vinyl will need an adhesive in order to install properly. The adhesive ensures that the tile won’t move or shift once installed. Make sure you do have the right type of adhesive for the type of material you are installing and that the glue used is water-resistant.
  • Underlayment: For glue-down vinyl, underlayment like what you would use with an interlocking floor is not needed. Vinyl planks can simply be installed over concrete or wood subfloors.

With any other questions regarding the difference between Click or Glue down vinyl for your project or space please reach out to our flooring specialists. 1-844-334-2877.

If you’d like to learn more about our vinyl products and the differences between them, watch our Spot the Difference video.