Tucked away in the outskirts of Atlanta sits a revolutionary village, Serenbe. What’s so different about this sustainable community? It’s aimed to accommodate the growing population of retirees in a spacious, thoughtful and soulful way.

Designed by renowned real estate developer, Steve Nygren, Serenbe (A name coined by Steve’s wife, which joins the words “serenity” and “being”) is a high-density village that is surrounded by over 70 acres of rural countryside. The town is a perfect combination of Nygren’s main inspirations: the English countryside and Swedish architectural design.

“Each of Serenbe’s hamlets has a walkable commercial center built around a particular aspect of what Serenbe’s marketing materials call “life well lived”: art, food, wellness, and education.” – Co.Exist.

According to the article featured on Co.Exist, every home in the community is built to accommodate the changing needs of retirees. All feature single-story, step-less entries, multiple height kitchen work surfaces, and wider doors and hallways. The homes are also tech-friendly, integrating remote technology to monitor health and wellness through wearable devices, GPS and sensors.

Serenbe cottage
Source: Serenbe

The cottages are then grouped around a shared garden clubhouse, and even have accommodations for visiting friends and families. And on top of having their own local farmers markets and stores for regular necessities, the village also houses a playhouse, several art galleries, and a concert venue for regular shows.

Nygren has several other communities in the works, including Mado, which will be a multi-generational community that will also be built with the same concepts in mind. Although it has just broken ground this past summer, it already sold more than a third of its cottages.

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