Life happens. You accidently drag one of your furnishings across your hardwood floors that left a mark. Ouch, more hardwood floor scratches. Don’t fret! We have some simple solutions on how to make your hardwood look like new again.

Wax Sticks

Small scratches can be easily fixed with wax sticks that typically come with manufacture care kits. Using a cotton swab, apply the wax over the scratch. Be sure not to over-apply. Too much wax will add too much gloss to the floor and make the mark more visible under light.

Stain Pens

You can also fix light scratches using a stain pen, which could be found at any hardware store, building supply or paint store. Rather than applying the stain pen directly to the floor, stain a rag and use that rag to stain your floors. Re-apply as often as needed to match the color of the wood. Here’s a great video that shows you how use this method:

Taylor Wood Doctor Touch Up and Repair Kit

Due to high cost, professionals more commonly use this product. Taylor Wood Doctor offers plastic thermo polymers in 16 colored block bars. These bars can be mixed to achieve the desired shade and can be used for repair for all types of wood surfaces. The kit also includes a small scraper blade that is very helpful in correcting damages and cleaning out dirt.

Spot Sanding

For a much larger blemish, one solution is to gently hand sand over the entire area until the scratches are removed. Apply finishes in the same manner as the original finished floor. Add sealer, allow it to dry, and apply the finish coats. This obviously will require more manual labor and time on your part, so save the project for the weekend.


If your floors are so far gone, one option is to repaint the floors. Here’s a useful reference video on how to repaint prefinished floors:

Have a couple neat tricks of your own? Let us know!