Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like holiday home décor. And nothing sets the holiday scene quite like one prominent furniture piece in the home – the dining room table. Having done minimal Christmas decorations in years past, I told myself this would be the year to go all out. The reality of the situation, however, is that spending money on decorations was not nearly as high of a priority as was gifts for the family. So, instead of shelling out a ton of cash for a perfectly curated tablescape, I took to my cabinets in search of things that could still make an impact this Christmas and create perfect dining table decor.

Pine Cones & Cake Standsdining table decor

A long time ago I invested in a bag of pine cones (which, I believe, cost me less than $5) and they’ve been the Christmas decoration that keeps on giving. I’ve decorated with them many differ ways, this year I chose to put them on display in a small basket on the coffee table. For dining table decor, I suggest placing them in a cake stand with a few fun ornaments to give it that extra festive touch. What I like about this particular setting is that there is one simple focal piece.



Christmas Tree Branches & Ornaments


If you are one who buys real Christmas trees, then you know there is more than likely a few branches that need to be cut in order to fit into your tree stand. Instead of throwing those little branches away, think about how else you can use them in your décor. If you have a table runner that works for all season, place the branches on top and add ornaments.

dining table decor

Layered Linens & Vases

dining table decor

This year, I chose to go with more elaborate table decorations. I had a collection of vases that perfectly reflect a wintry vibe. Furthermore, I have a white and gold tablecloth that I’ve used throughout the year, and also reflects what I would call an eclectic spin on a wintry Christmas. Instead of filling the vases with flowers, I chose to set LED candles at the base for a glowing tabletop. Clear vases will also work for this (trust me, I have quite the collection of those as well), and they’re simple to decorate if you want to make them more festive.

dining table decor

Based on these materials, there’s probably a ton more combinations I can create. These are just my top creations. So go ahead and take a gander through items you already own and see what beautiful Christmas table decorations you can create!