In the world of hardwood flooring, the options for wood floor design ideas are utterly endless. You can select simple, yet timeless woods and finishes or add ornamental flare. We’ve collected a few of our favorite top design ideas for wood floors to help give you some inspiration as you plan your upcoming installation, or create your dream home via the wonderful world of Pinterest.

Wide Planks. We’ve mentioned wide planks before, and it’s worth mentioning again. For wood floor design ideas, wide planks help make a room feel larger. Wide plank wood design also reduces the amount of seams between planks, creating a cleaner look. The larger plank size also puts emphasis on the natural wood grain and character of the species you’re installing. To be considered a “wide plank,” it must measure at least 6 inches wide.


Cerused Wood. We’ve recently added this wood finishing technique to our list of top design ideas for wood floors, and for good reason! The practice of brushing a white finish on top of a (typically) darker wood finish color does wonders for showcasing the grain. You’ll find this kind of finish (which is also known as liming or lime wash) done with oak wood.


Wire-brushed Wood. There are several forms of distressing hardwood, but one of our favorites is wire brushing. Wood craftsman will literally take a wire brush and apply pressure to the brush as it is run along wood planks. This practice accentuates the wood grain.


Patterned Wood Floors. Intricate wood design patterns are picking up steam. Parquet, herringbone, double herringbone, basket weave; the options are breathtaking. The patterns not only create a visually appealing floor, they take the beauty of wood to a new level.


Those are our top picks for wood floor designs. Do you have others that you think are worth mentioning? Share in the comments section of this blog!