It may seem like a funny thing to think about; closet floor design ideas. But, if you have a large home with a walk-in closet or two, then it would be something to consider. I don’t own a home; I rent a nice little one-bedroom, one-bath apartment, which also happens to have a small walk-in closet. It’s nothing grand like something you would see in a magazine, but it’s enough. Having lived in this apartment for some time, I often think about what I would differently in certain rooms when the time comes to invest in a home of my own.

What would I do differently with a walk-in closet of my very own? I can tell what I definitely will not have on my list of closet floor design ideas: shag carpet, which is what I currently have.

Carpet. Carpet in a closet, especially the walk-in variety, is a common feature, I believe. In a closet of my own, I would consider carpet, but a tightly packed low pile carpet. In my experience with shag, it seems to shed more and start to look patchy. At least with a low pile carpet for a closet, you still have warmth and softness underfoot.

Tile. Now, when I told my husband I would consider tile as a closet floor idea, he scoffed at me. But seriously, hear me out. I’ve seen a lot of walk-in closets attached to master bathrooms. This connection between the rooms requires a flooring transition between two different flooring materials. Flooring transitions are raised slightly, resulting in something that I trip on in a state of early morning drowsiness. This is why tile flooring is high on my list of top design ideas for closet floors. It will give me a smooth and consistent look from one room to the other. Plus, it’s a bonus that it’s easy to clean.

Luxury Vinyl. I love any floor that comes in a beige-gray color, especially wood floors. However, solid wood is pricey and if attached to a bathroom, then there is the problem of humidity. This situation is where a material like luxury vinyl comes in handy. The print films of vinyl are extremely realistic and when texture is applied, it’s often mistaken for the real thing. The bonuses with this closet flooring option are that it’s easy to clean and water-resistant.

Other worthy contenders for top design ideas for closet floors are laminate and engineered wood (more stable than solid wood). Carpet, tile and luxury vinyl are just my picks for my future walk-in closet 😉