With my job, I am fulfilling my clients sample orders daily. A few popular ones just so happen to be a few of my favorite as well. So, when I was given the chance to shine a spotlight on my favorite GoHaus floors, I jumped at it.

I would say that my decorating style is modern, relaxed business with emphasis of straight lines. So, no oversized and overstuffed furniture pieces. I’m also not a fan of clutter, I prefer to have plenty of free, open space so I can look and take in all aspects that my space has to offer. An open, clean room also gives me a sense of freedom.

At some point, I plan to have a home office where I can relax and plan my wood projects (in my free time I build things). When it comes time to set-up an office, I’d add my favorite samples to the GoHaus sample box to help get me started.


Loire Luxury Vinyl | Islay Fog Luxury Vinyl | Seven Sisters White Oak

The reason why I would chose these specific samples for an office project is due to the grey-beige tones and modern feel that they give me. The grey color I feel can be accented with darker and brighter colors such as Black, Teal and Yellow to just name a few. These colors also work well in setting the tone for a relaxed room, which is important for me. I’d bring in things that remind me of the calm of ocean waves (I’m also a surfer).

Accent Pieces to Match My Sample Choices:

Modern-Relaxed Home Office

Whenever I’m looking for either décor for a project or furniture I tend to lean more towards things that are square, with sharp edges and straight lines. The reason why I lean towards this type of decorating style is because it gives more set paths and direction in a room or space.

Here are some photos of office inspirations that I could see myself creating or designing:


Image source: Home Improvement Tips


Image source: Renoguide


Image source: Elegant Home Decorating Ideas

If you’d like a box of GoHaus Samples to help get your room remodel going, visit GoHaus.com and select up to 6 free samples. You can also select one of our pre-curated sample bundles.