The Arts and Crafts period of design emerged during the tail end of the Victorian period in England, which happened to be the most industrialized country in the world at the time. In the United States, the Arts and Crafts style was also known as the Mission style.

With the rise of manufactured consumer goods through industrialization, products were easier to come by, but lacked in quality and design. Eventually the desire for handcrafted design and workmanship held reverence with society, which blossomed into the Arts and Crafts period. The movement itself didn’t advocate any particular style, but rather critiqued machined work and embodied the philosophy of taking pride in one’s craftsmanship and skill.

Elements of Arts & Crafts Design

  • Handcrafted
  • Simple, with minimal ornamentation
  • Natural materials
  • Organic colors
  • Use of metals such as copper and bronze

Arts & Crafts Style ChairArts & Crafts Style Metal Table

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Room Inspirations

Arts & Craft Style Room Inspiration mission1

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