Large windows means lots of natural light and more often than not, a beautiful view. However when night falls, it’s very easy for onlookers to see into your home if you have large open windows. If you don’t want to compromise on the view, but still want privacy, here are some tips and tricks to have the best of both worlds.
Floor to Ceiling Curtains

Floor to Ceiling Curtains  

The beauty of having large windows means you can have large and dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains to add to the “Wow!” factor of your view. Starting your curtains from the ceiling will also make your already huge windows seem even larger, adding height to the room. The curtains stay open during the day to let in the natural light, and can be drawn closed at night for privacy.

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Roll Down Window Shades

Roll Down Window Shades

Vertical roll-down window shades also will give you the privacy you need at night. During the day, the shades can be roll up into the screen housing and nearly disappear.

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Window Privacy Film

Another option is to add window privacy film to the windows. This is the best option if you are not too concerned about the view outside your large windows. The film will allow natural light to come into the room during the day, but will blur your interior view to passerby pedestrians both day and night. Some privacy film comes with decorative designs if you’re feeling bold.

Source: The Window Film Company UK Ltd


Open large windows

Just Let it All Hang Out

In the end, do you really want to cover up these beauts? Just embrace that you have gorgeous windows with an amazing view and flaunt it.

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