The lighting in a space can set the entirety of the room. Without the right lighting, details, textures, and other focal points can be completely overlooked. There is a tricky science behind developing the right lighting balance. So before you update your furniture or remodel, consider whether your current lighting story works. Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you were lighting the room properly.

What will I be doing in this room?

Knowing what will happen in the room you’re lighting will help you plan your lighting and fixtures. There are three types of lighting, and it’s important to know the difference between each: ambient, task and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting, or general lighting, is the centralized light that will light the entire space. Pendant, chandeliers, wall-mounted fixtures and other overhead lighting are typical lights used for ambient lighting. Task lighting is meant to light specific areas for tasks, such as reading. Accent lighting adds drama to a room by creating visual interest by adding light to different décor items within a room.

Use these three types of lighting together to properly light up a room.

Different types of lighting

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Do I want the lights to dim?

For multi-functional rooms, adding a light dimmer will allow for lighting flexibility depending on the mood or time of day. They also allow you to be more energy efficient with your lighting.

Do I know what bulbs to use?

Using the right type light bulbs is more important than you know. Avoid fluorescent lighting as much as you can. Instead, consider LED lighting, which have the longest and brightest shelf life. Since LEDs can be pricey, compact fluorescent light bulbs are also a good option, just be careful disposing them.