HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living, in our opinion, stands as one of the network’s top shows. It’s opened viewers’ eyes to the world of micro living, a way of creatively living in 200 square feet (or less). There’s more to this way of life than the square footage, however. The tiny house movement is about minimizing one’s impact on the environment, reducing financial commitments, and having the freedom to do more with one’s time and money.

Tiny House, Big Living has done an excellent job capturing this way of life, showcasing creative solutions and unique lifestyles of those featured. It’s a lifestyle we’ve all been intrigued by, especially since it is rooted in sustainability, which is important to us as a company. So imagine our excitement when adventure-seeking couple Erik and Sarah approached us to help them with their own tiny house project.

tiny house, big living

Erik and Sarah are adventurers. If there is water, they will kayak it. If there is snow, they will dogsled it. Their jobs and lives are built on exploration and having the freedom to live out their dreams. So naturally a tiny home on wheels fit the bill for them and we jumped at the opportunity to help outfit their space with flooring.

tiny house, big living erik and sarah

This decision to collaborate with Erik and Sarah came down to one thing – they have a great story to tell and we wanted to be able to help bring that story to life in their new tiny home. Furthermore, both parties understood one another and what the other was trying to achieve. That’s the key to a great partnership.


From start to finish their tiny home took several months to complete. The finished product was revealed on Tiny House, Big Living in August. Not only does the house consist of GoHaus materials, it also features some creative use of reclaimed wood and other materials. It also showcases their adventure lifestyle with a custom climbing wall!

To see the full show, visit HGTV to see when this episode will air next. Also, stay connected with us to learn more about Erik and Sarah, and what the process of transitioning to the tiny life has been like. We’ll be documenting it all in a new blog series “Tiny Home on the Go.”