As part of our semi-daily routine, our team likes to take a morning coffee walk to our favorite coffee shop, Mad Fix. For weeks, we walked by the construction site of a cozy white brick building with vine-covered awnings, and anxiously anticipated the grand opening of Little Italy’s newest Italian restaurant, Civico 1845. Italian food in Little Italy? Groundbreaking, we know! But seriously, these guys are different, both in their cuisine and their style.

Civico 1845 was conceptualized by two straight-from-Italy brothers who wanted to make classic Italian dishes fresh and contemporary, while keeping the integrity of the ingredients of the cuisine. Oh, and they also make 100% vegan Italian dishes, which is perfect for our in-house vegan and CFO, Derek (I clearly didn’t opt for one of them)!

non-vegan italian food

What is truly great though, and what drew us to the restaurant, is their philosophy on sustainability. Sustainability is deeply rooted in both their culinary art and in the design of their restaurant. The entire bar and dining areas were created using reclaimed, natural materials, so there’s no waste! We love that.

Immediately upon entering Civico 1845, you notice the reclaimed wood wall paneling that is very reminiscent of the interior of an old cottage found somewhere in the rolling hills of Tuscany.

From the light fixtures to the barn-style sliding door, all of the style choices on its own would scream classic and traditional. But the hints of edgy-contemporary in the details of Civico’s chair selection and boxed shelving bring the ambiance back to modern day.




My personal favorite part of Civico has to be the accent wall filled with bake ware and raw ingredients. Something about nailing up a collection of common, everyday kitchen tools just tickles my fancy.



If you want to bring in the shabby-chic style to your home, here are some pieces we’ve found that would do the job: