If you’ve been keeping up with our Lunch & Design series, then you’ve learned that our office is comprised of a group with a true passion for craft beer. One Friday afternoon, this passion took us to San Diego’s North Park neighborhood for tacos at Tacos Perla and beer at Modern Times Flavordome.

Before we go any further, just know that we highly recommend both for the food, the beer, the atmosphere, and creative energy that flows from both locations.

We were also lucky enough to steal some time from Jacob McKean, the owner of Modern Times, to talk about his reclaimed, DIY approach to designing the tasting room in North Park. Here’s what he had to say:

GoHaus: How do you describe the design of the flavordome?
Jacob McKean: It’s a weird little pocket of radness. It combines a lot of personal eccentricity and passion with a DIY approach to construction. The result is a place that feels totally unique because it is totally unique. I’ve never hired an interior designer and I probably never will. These spaces are my babies.

GH: Was there anything (or several things) that inspired the design direction of the space?
JM: I love finding new uses for old or obsolete items. Sometimes I have a specific project in mind and it’s just about finding the right stuff, other times the items themselves inspire the project. In the case of the Flavordome, I tried to find new materials to replicate some of the original installations we did at the brewery. 

GH: What is your favorite feature of the space?
JM: The VHS tape bar. We ought those on Craigslist from a guy who used to own a video store, and I glued them all together. It was an exhausting project, but I love how it turned out.

GH: What prompted you to get into the craft beer scene and why do you love it?
JM: I’ve had a passion for craft beer for a long time. After a while, I decided to turn my hobby into my career. I love it because there’s a tremendous amount of creative freedom, which [is] all I’ve ever wanted.

As a team, what we love most about this space is indeed the creativity that went into its making. It’s a great reminder that old materials can be given new life in order to create a room everyone enjoys and flocks to.

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