In an article I wrote about organization styles, I explained that there is no right or wrong way to stay organized.

To recap: There are merely preferences people have to either display their items or put them away. This kind of organizing has been associated with either the dominance of the left or right portions of the brain. People who like to display (often thought to be right-brain dominant) prefer to see things in front of them. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the people who like to put away (often thought to be left-brain dominant) items in a perfectly organized cabinet or drawer.

As I mentioned in the other article, the Left Brain-Right Brain Theory is considered myth; yet many still use it as a means of explaining organization preferences. So, if you are a person who likes to have items perfectly organized (otherwise thought to be left-brain dominant), below are a few organization ideas (for some of the more cluttered areas) you can adopt to maintain the order in your life.

In the Office

Whether it is your home office or work office, I have found that going through everything on your desk and in your drawers helps you organize like-item piles/papers. These piles will give you an idea of what organization items you need.

Keep your desk surface as clean as possible, leaving only the most necessary items; a daily to-do list, a pen, laptop, and phone. After that, think along the lines of small desk drawers, drawer dividers, magazine or file containers, file folders, bookshelves (if you have the space), and labels of the same color.



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In the Bathroom

Bathroom cabinets (if you have them) are harder to clean and organize. Try your best, but some simple tricks to help keep those cabinets include clean are:


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In the Kitchen

The kitchen is another hard place to keep organized mainly due to the fact that it stores so much. When things start to spill over on to the counters, I start to poke around to see what I can get rid of. These are some the basic hidden organization tricks that I’ve learned:

  • Magazine rack and file holders work great as in-cabinet storage
  • Clear, stackable containers make everything beautiful and beautifully organized
  • Baskets pull together small stuff, and reduces the eye sore of scattered mess when you open the cabinet.


Image source: 1, 2, 3