Sitting on the north bank of the Columbia River is Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver is home to our next client spotlight. SandiAllanDesign, San Ramon, CA-based professional interior designer, was commissioned to bring life back into a 1,000 square foot rental property that had been neglected over the years.

SandiAllanDesign brought this property back to life and made it chic with her touch of eclectic-modern style.

As with most remodels, one key element to be added was new flooring. The criteria for selecting flooring materials were simple: stand up to lots of traffic and tolerate a damp environment. Initially, Sandi was wary of making a purchase of this size online since she was unsure of the quality and design. Her concerns subsided, however, after receiving her complimentary samples and working closely with Philip, our Regional Sales Manager. She selected GoHaus Smoked Sage Vinyl Plank for the job.

Sandi hired the home remodeling team at It’s a Viewpoint to install the flooring. It’s a Viewpoint services Vancouver, WA; Clark County; Portland, OR and metro area; Multnomah County; Clackamas County; Washington County. It’s a Viewpoint is also part of the GoHaus Installer Network, which connects clients with fully vetted certified flooring installers.

Sandi’s offers a bit of advice to others:

“Get samples, get references for installers and get them to measure for you. Put all your ideas onto a board so that you can visualize all the elements in the project coming together.”