If you’re an avid HGTV viewer and fan of Tiny House, Big Living, then you likely remember being introduced to Erik and Sarah, adventure couple extraordinaire. We also introduced them to you through the start of our new blog series, Tiny Home on the Go, in which we are documenting the couple’s adventures and their switch to the tiny home lifestyle.

Our team has been lucky enough to get great insights and tips from Erik and Sarah along their journey. Downsizing to roughly 200 square feet is a big undertaking, so we had to ask: how did you get started?


tiny home frame

As with any big project, researching is key to success. Sarah says, “We did a lot of research, and looked at photos of [a] lot of different tiny homes. Because building tiny homes are so new, there are no standards – everyone is still trying to figure out the best way to build them. Many of the homes built on trailers are not often moved – so we did a lot of research on how to create a home we can tow often, and that is off grid.”


how to start a tiny home

This plan goes beyond just the layout. The couple point out that you have to think about electricity, plumbing, size and placement of appliances. “Tiny homes are restricted in size due to road limits, the space is small and everything needs to fit exactly in place,” Sarah comments.


tiny home build

Sometimes the best materials are reclaimed materials, which was exactly the case in the creation of Sarah and Erik’s tiny adventure home. They were able to use reclaimed wood for the siding and some great pieces found at an old theater.

Make It Yours


Last, but certainly not least in this list of how to get started with a tiny home: make it your own. As Sarah and Erik prove, size does not limit their ability to express themselves through their home. They worked closely with their contractor to include things such as a climbing wall and raft deck. Look for the opportunities to make your tiny home layout reflect who you are and what you love.