We’re pleased to announce a new blog series: Tiny Home on the Go. This blog series captures the behind-the-scenes process of transitioning to a tiny home; and we’re doing it through the lens of Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry – ultimate adventure couple and Tiny House, Big Living stars.

We were introduced to Erik and Sarah back in January 2016 when they decided to transition to a tiny home. Erik is a professional photographer and white water kayaker, and Sarah is an adventurer, filmmaker, and the owner of polar expedition company NorthWinds. Both have a thirst and appreciation for the great outdoors and it shows through their passions: exploring the world, photography, film, white water kayaking, back country skiing, dog sledding, kite skiing, kite surfing, and multi-month expeditions.

tiny house by lake

Their work and hobbies keep them on the road for the most part, which led them to considering a move to the tiny lifestyle. The freedom of moving their home where they need is what appealed most to them.

We have both spent a lot of time living out of vans and cars – and traveling.

Over a year ago we decided it would be great to have a place to call our own. But we couldn’t afford a home, and we also couldn’t decide where we wanted to live. For ski season we want to be by the mountains (depending on where the good snow is of course), paddling season by the river, spring in the Canadian Arctic dog sledding, and so on.

So our solution was to build a home that didn’t put us in debt, and that we could bring with us.
– Sarah

They started their quest by researching everything from converted buses to vans to tiny homes. Once they settled on building a tiny home, Erik and Sarah consumed all the information they could on small homes on trailers. Sarah notes, “There is so much that goes into creating a home that is not only small and space efficient, but also off grid and can be towed down the highway at 60 miles per hour.

After all of their research, it came time to source materials. GoHaus stepped in to provide flooring for this awesome project. If you tuned in to see the Tiny House, Big Living episode Erik and Sarah starred in, then you saw just how amazing everything looked from top to bottom.

tiny home

Stay tuned for more Tiny Home on the Go posts where you’ll get tips and tricks for transitioning to the tiny home lifestyle from two people who did it.