The master bedroom doesn’t have to be limited to neutral-beige carpet. If you weren’t already convinced to ditch drab carpet in our article, Benefits of Upgrading Your Carpet to Hardwood, we’ve gathered some gorgeous master bedroom floor design ideas that might pique your interest. Yes, none of them include carpet. It’s time to stand out with style.

You can really choose any style, medium or installation method when it comes to bedroom flooring. Out of all of the other rooms in your home, the master bedroom probably gets the least amount of foot traffic and excessive moisture isn’t normally a problem. The top designs for master bedroom floors include hardwoods, vinyl and even tile flooring.

Light & Modern

  light wood floors 

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One of the top designs for master bedroom floors are light gray hardwood floors. The gray hardwood floors will make the master bedroom a very modern ambiance. The brightness of the floors will also open up the space and make the room feel larger.


Warm & Rustic


Source: Trend Decoration

Another master bedroom flooring idea if you’re looking for something warmer is a dark brown vinyl floor. A brown vinyl floor will give rooms a classic, rustic ambiance, and can be easily matched with industrial or other wood furniture. Many vinyl plank flooring styles are made to look just like hardwood, but are much more durable. This is also a perfect flooring choice if you have pets.


Cool & Luxurious


Source: Elevate Your Space

At the epitome of luxury, bring in the marble flooring. However, for those on a tighter budget, porcelain tile flooring will work just fine. Wood-look porcelain tile flooring has been a top flooring choice for bedrooms as of recently.

Each of these master bedroom floor design ideas is timeless in their own way. Choosing which bedroom flooring design idea suits your home is up to you!