The flooring industry has a lot to offer in terms of variety. One of the most popular floor covering materials is and will probably always be hardwood. Hardwood flooring adds value to a home, it lasts for a very long time, and the wood species and colors available are endless.

However, hardwood is a pricey product, which is why luxury vinyl plank flooring has grown in popularity. And just as hardwood flooring has developed a lot of advances, luxury vinyl has advanced to realistically mimic the designs of wood flooring. All at an affordable price point.

We’ve developed our go-to list of luxury vinyl plank floor design ideas to consider for your next home project. These top design ideas for luxury vinyl planks will be great additions to any home or office.

Wide planks

Wide planks no longer apply just to wood flooring. With luxury vinyl design ideas, wide planks help make a room feel larger in the same way they would with wood flooring. Wide plank luxury vinyl design also reduces the amount of seams between vinyl planks, creating a clean and modern look. The wider size allows the wood-look pattern to be more prominently featured.

Long planks

Vinyl planks that are long are another feature that luxury vinyl can mimic. Long hardwood planks were rare for a while, but due to the introduction of engineered wood it is now more readily available. Luxury vinyl is a good choice if you want this look and want to save money.


In order to really take the wood-look to another level, luxury vinyl has texture applied to it in order to enhance the print of the grain. There are several types of texture applied to vinyl planks. Textured embossed in-register is one of our top design ideas for luxury vinyl planks because of how it actually matches the grain in the 3D print film. Texture is applied to the wear layer to achieve this luxury vinyl plank design. Other textures common to vinyl flooring are smooth, embossed, distressed or handscraped.

What are your picks for luxury vinyl plank floor design ideas? Share in the comments below!