Home is where the heart is, even when you’re roaming the world in search of adventures, job opportunities, rest, inspiration, and peace of mind. Still, people who spend a lot of time away from home often neglect the shape of their nests over lack of time and decorating ideas. If the latter is a problem, perhaps a few design tricks may help you muster creativity to doll up your living area and transform it into an oasis of comfort and style.

1. Go Minimal with Barebones Décor


Although minimalism may not be everyone’s favorite design style, it’s still the best option for a globetrotting homeowner because it provides a ready canvas for playful décor experiments. A clutter-free nest boasts a classic appeal and it allows you to play around with details salvaged on explorations of the great outdoors. For a neat bonus, minimal homes require little maintenance to stay shipshape, which means that you’ll be able to thoroughly savor your at-home time, sans lengthy cleanups in the mix.

2. Accents that Speak of Personal Style


Souvenirs and tidbits picked up on the go can be used to create a playful and welcoming home ambiance. You can use decorative details purchased on travel sprees to add character to your space and infuse it with a dose of eccentricity and boho chic aesthetics. The sky is the limit when it comes to imaginative amalgamation of accessories, so feel free to use elements belonging to different décor eras or regions of origin to express your love of eclectic design in your quarters. Still, try not to go overboard with personality-laden accents in multiple hues as it will result in a haphazardly put-together look.

3. Light and Airy as a Home Should Be


Nothing speaks Home, Sweet Home louder than a soothing color palette. A byword for timeless elegance and comfort, beige, grey, soft peach, and other pastels will help create a light and airy ambiance in your nest. Neutral hues will also go nicely with natural materials, such as hardwood flooring and vintage-inspired lounge sofas and sectionals. For bonus aesthetic points, ditch the curtains and let sunlight flood the premises: this simple trick will bring out the finest features in the décor and further snug up your nest with a dose of natural charm.

4. Easy-Clean Floors and Furnishings


Easy-clean floors are the next big hit in home design, and so are low-maintenance furnishings. If you don’t want to spend hours of precious at-home time cleaning up, arm your nest with heavy-duty décor pieces such as solid wood cabinets with a water-resistant finish and seating in earthy colors. Another simple trick to cut maintenance hassle is to pull back carpets and rugs leaving the floors gracefully nude. For bonus maintenance ease, you can also dress sofas and armchairs with slip covers: the protective coat will keep your furnishings safe and dust-proof when you’re away.

5. Double-Duty Furniture Does It Nice



Multifunctional furniture made a loud entrance to the scene of interior design a few years back, and it’s been going strong ever since. Homeowners who often spend days away from their nests commonly use convertible and double-duty décor components, and you should try them out for size and practicality. Modular bookshelves, space-efficient storage units, and seating that can be brought out into the garden will infuse your home with a modern vibe and add an extra layer of functionality to your stylish retreat.

6. Lights to Keep You Warm At Home

how-to-decorate-when-rarely-home-6Lighting is another important aspect of a chic living area, and you shouldn’t neglect it even if you spend little time at home. CFL and LED lighting is currently a huge hit in interior design, and it’ll help you save cash on utility bills down the road while warming up your snug nest with a green, bright glow. For maximum flexibility, you can outfit lighting fixtures with dimmer switches which will allow you to fine-tune light intensity for special occasions. To round off your stylish nest, top ambient lighting with tasteful task lamps placed at strategic spots, such as the hallway, bedroom nightstands, and the mantelpiece.

The fact that you don’t spend much time at home isn’t an excuse to neglect its shape. Pick neutral colors for the décor backdrop, use hard-wearing multipurpose furnishings, pull back the carpets and rugs, update the lights, experiment with accents gathered on your adventures, and dress up upholstered pieces with slip covers when you’re away: it’s the least you can do to keep your private oasis as snug and as stylish as it can be until you return from your roamings.



Image source: designattractor.com