For shoppers looking to spruce up their homes, sorting through styles should be an exciting endeavor. But like any art form, interior design has a lingo all its own – and the industry’s terms are often as mystifying as they are informative. What does it mean if the couch you have your eye on is “Mid-Century Modern”? What will complement a lamp that’s “Art Deco–inspired”? Let’s be honest: Most of us find what we like first and then learn the trendy terms later.

That’s where this project, Living Room History, comes in. Focusing on the space at the heart of the American home, we’ve surveyed the history of interior design in the U.S. This project illustrates how much has changed in American taste, from our colonial roots to contemporary cool. But it also aims to show why each interior design period is worthy of revival – if it helps express your personal style. Look at the rooms we’ve illustrated below to learn more about each period’s distinctive character. Next time your neighbor compliments your “beautiful colonial-style wood floors,” you’ll be in the know about the style that speaks to you!

Living Room History Infographic

We’ve also collected these rooms in another format so you can choose the view that best suits you. Flip through the pages of the interactive album below to focus on one period of living room history, or skip between your favorite styles.

via GoHaus

What if you’re at the outset of your design journey, looking to find which period of American design best reflects your tastes? You can spend hours combing through a plethora of different looks, but knowing your favorite style by name will save you time in getting to the stuff you’ll love. That’s why we put together the flowchart below. Go with your gut and choose the furnishings you like most – we’ll tell you which style period best represents your interior design instinct.

Interior Design Flowchart

Whatever your style, it sure helps to know what to call it. We hope this project empowers you to navigate the wide world of interior design and find the pieces that make your home’s decor uniquely yours. From all of us at GoHaus, happy hunting!

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