Vinyl Plank Installation Methods

Glue Down Installation Vinyl Plank Floors

The flooring industry is constantly making advances in flooring materials as well as installation methods. Vinyl plank flooring is one material that has improved from the days of sheet vinyl by bringing realistic – and affordable - wood looks to homes. Furthermore, vinyl plank flooring can be found in multiple installation methods and wear layers to accommodate a variety of installation preferences and rooms.

Vinyl planks are in the category of resilient flooring. This means that the material is constructed to withstand a variety of wear and tear. Vinyl planks are also water resistant, allowing installation in areas prone to water, for example, a kitchen, bathroom, or below-grade rooms.

GoHaus offers three wear layer options in two installation methods.

Vinyl Plank Glue Down Installation

glue down installation vinyl plank flooringGlue down vinyl planks is just as the name states: vinyl planks that use adhesive to adhere planks to the subfloor. Glue down vinyl planks often require a water-resistant adhesive, but always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations on this to be sure you install the planks within warranty.

Generally speaking, glue down vinyl installations are done by applying a workable area of vinyl adhesive to your subfloor. Per the adhesive’s instructions, the glue should be allowed to tack up (timing varies depending on the glue manufacturer’s instructions). Once the glue has dried slightly, you can apply vinyl planks in the standard staggered pattern.

GoHaus’ 0.1 mm (6 mil) glue down installation vinyl plank flooring is the Utility vinyl plank collection. This collection of vinyl planks comes with a 0.1 mm (6 mil) wear layer and an overall thickness of 2 mm. The Utility collection can be used in residential and light commercials areas.

GoHaus’ 0.5 mm (20 mil) glue down installation vinyl planks is the Pro vinyl plank collection. Pro vinyl planks comes with a 0.5 mm (20 mil) wear layer and an overall plank thickness of 3 mm. GoHaus Pro vinyl flooring collection can be installed in residential and commercials spaces.

Vinyl Plank Click-Lock Installation

click installation vinyl plank floorsClick installation vinyl plank flooring is a popular floor covering choice for homes these days. Just like the glue-down planks, click installation vinyl planks is a resilient option that is popular among homeowners. For do-it-yourselfers, this type of floor is easy to install due to its interlocking mechanism surrounding each plank. Click-lock vinyl does not require the use of adhesive and can be installed using the floating method. Floating floor installation simply means that the planks are secured to one another, rather than the subfloor. The weight of the connected planks and pressure from all sides is what keeps the planks in place.

GoHaus’ 0.3 mm (12 mil) click installation vinyl planks are the Click-Lock vinyl plank collection. Click-Lock vinyl planks comes with a 0.3 mm (12 mil) wear layer and an overall plank thickness of 4.3 mm. GoHaus’ interlocking planks can be installed in residential and commercial spaces.

Installation Checklist

click installation vinyl plank flooringOnce you've found the perfect floor, it's time to think about installation. Before you dive right in, here are some questions to ask and materials to buy to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

Have you...

  • Properly measured the square footage of the installation area?
  • Calculated and added at least 7% extra flooring material?
  • Ordered vinyl transitions for areas where two different floor materials meet?
  • Inspected your subfloor to ensure stability and smoothness?
  • Allowed the flooring to acclimate to the climate-controlled job site for at least 48 hours?

Materials Required for Utility & Pro Installations:

  • Manufacturer-recommended vinyl adhesive (1 gallon covers roughly 300 sq. ft.)
  • Finely notched trowel
  • 100 lb. roller
  • Utility knife
  • Chalk line

Materials Required for Click Installations:

  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk line

Complete Utility installation instructions can be found here.

Complete Pro installation instructions can be found here.

Complete Click installation instructions can be found here.

ATTENTION: All luxury vinyl installation instructions are intended as a guide. While DIY installation is possible, we do recommend hiring a professional installation team for the best possible result.

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