Can Vinyl Flooring Be Installed Over Tile?

With all the new flooring options available, customers are looking now more than ever to replace their old floors. A trend we have seen is that a majority of these customers are replacing tile and learning that tile is a very tough floor to remove. This has led to us getting a lot of questions around installing a new floor on top of tile.

Below is a breakdown of what floors can be installed over tile along with what things need to be considered in the process.

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl has one basic rule for installation: it needs a flat and even surface. This will prevent telegraphing of elements below, stop ripples from showing in the floor and not create sections of flooring that are higher than others, also known as lippage.

Based on this very basic requirement, vinyl plank flooring can be installed over ceramic tiles that fit within certain parameters.

  1. Smooth tile. Avoid vinyl installation over textured / wavy tiles

textured tile

  1. Remove all loose, cracked and broken tiles.
    1. Fill these empty spaces with concrete-based thinset mortar
  2. Check the grout joints
    1. If they are flush with the tile, then you can install the flooring on top of the tile. It is recommended to use glue down tile to prevent lifting or hollow sounds as the floor is being walked on.
    2. If you have sunken grout joints, you will need to make sure that they are filled and even with the tile flooring. This will prevent the tile pattern / grout pattern from telegraphing through the vinyl flooring.

sunken grout

Laminate Flooring:

Due to the thickness of laminate flooring, this install can be even easier than vinyl. As long as the tiles are level and secure, you’ll just need to remove any baseboards, sweep, clean and then lay down the new floor.

Make sure you check all the tiles to ensure that none stick up more than 1/16 of an inch. In the case that one does, that will need to be removed and filled with a concrete-based thinset mortar. 

Laminate is available in both a click and lock and glue down construction. Both can be installed over tile, but there could be certain glue downs that the manufacturer does not recommend being installed over tile. You will have to due a little more research if you are going with glue down, but the extra work now is better than the heartache and backache later.

At GoHaus, we always recommend getting the professional opinion of an installer or contractor before moving forward as every install is unique.

And there you have it. Get rid of that old floor, and replace it with something beautiful, durable and inspiring to your space.

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