Vinyl Plank Flooring Wear Layers & Texture

Wear layer is an important specification to factor into a flooring purchase. Vinyl wear layer is a clear, top layer of plastic coating that protects the print film and authentic wood or stone look of the vinyl planks or tiles. A vinyl wear layer also helps add durability and longevity to the flooring as well, which is why vinyl plank flooring is a great resilient flooring option. 0.1mm wear layer vinyl plank flooring

Whether in a home or commercial space, you have to ask yourself questions such as what kind of foot traffic does this room experience? Or, is it prone to excessive moisture? Or, is it a below grade installation? These questions, and a lot more, will help you determine the right resilient flooring material.

As previously mentioned, vinyl plank flooring is a popular material. Vinyl planks are water-resistant and durable, replicating the look and feel of real wood. And when it comes to the protecting wear layer feature, the thicker the wear layer, the more durable the plank and the longer it lasts, typically. Vinyl flooring is constructed in multiple layers. From bottom to top:

  • Backing: The bottom of the vinyl flooring that will serve as the material that will bond between the vinyl floor and the underlayment.
  • Inner core: Typically made out of a combination of foam and vinyl, the inner core will be the thickest layer of flooring.
  • Print layer: Also known as the decorative layer, this is what defines what your floors look like in terms of color, grain and pattern.
  • Wear layer: At the top of the vinyl flooring products, the wear layer protects the design.

There are three elements that make up wear layer: thickness, what the wear layer is made of, and the texture applied to it. GoHaus offers three wear layer options: 0.1 mm, 0.3 mm, and 0.5 mm. Wear layers are also described in mil measurement, so GoHaus vinyl wear layers are also referred to in 6 mil, 12 mil, and 20 mil. Each wear layer on GoHaus vinyl plank flooring is a prime urethane and ceramic bead coating, which is finished with an embossed texture.

Wear Layer Thickness

GoHaus carries three vinyl flooring lines: Utility, Pro, and Click-Lock. Each line of flooring has a corresponding wear layer thickness; Utility vinyl planks feature a 0.1 mm wear layer, Click-Lock vinyl planks feature a 0.3 mm wear layer, and Pro vinyl planks feature a 0.5 mm wear layer. The Utility collection is best suited for residential and light commercial spaces. The Click-Lock vinyl collection is also excellent for residential spaces and is a great floor for DIY installation. GoHaus Pro vinyl planks are commercial-grade and perfect for active households with pets and children.

Prime Urethane & Ceramic Bead Coating

GoHaus vinyl flooring is coated with a prime urethane and ceramic bead coating. This type of wear layer coating falls in the category of “enhanced urethane” vinyl floor coatings. GoHaus’ proprietary surface finish blends prime urethane and microscopic ceramic beads to create the durable wear layer. The beads create a considerably more durable finish, which will in turn create a longer life for your vinyl wear layer.

Embossed Texture

Vinyl flooring typically comes in 3 textures: smooth, which is a plain finish and can be found in different gloss finishes; embossed, which is a realistic wood texture; embossed in register, which is a realistic wood texture that matches the wood grain in the 3D print layer. GoHaus vinyl flooring has an embossed texture applied to the 3D print films.

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