Vinyl Plank Flooring Width & Dimensions

3 mm thick vinyl plank flooringVinyl plank flooring comes in a variety of widths, lengths, and thicknesses in order to create the most realistic wood look for a floor. One of the many benefits of wood-look vinyl flooring is that it can exceed dimensions typically available in real wood flooring. Due to real wood’s natural expansion and contraction, manufacturers will not exceed certain dimensions so as not to comprise the stability of wood planks. Vinyl flooring is resilient and pliable, offering more opportunity to create wide and long planks.

If you’re not as familiar with vinyl flooring, you may be scoffing at the mere thought. Back when vinyl flooring first exploded into residential homes in the 1970’s, it was largely the glossy, sheet vinyl variety. While sheet vinyl still exists, vinyl floors as a whole have been revitalized and re-introduced to the flooring industry with more realistic print films, and in plank and tile form.

Vinyl Plank Widths & Lengths

In recent years, the flooring industry has been trending toward wide and long plank designs – both in real wood and wood-look materials. Planks ranging 6 inches and wider are considered wide plank. The longer and wider the planks are, the fewer number of seams on the floors. This simplifies the look of the floor and allows the beauty of vinyl wood to stand out.

Traditionally, hardwood planks vary in widths, giving your floors a patchwork look due to the higher number of end seams on your floor.

GoHaus sells two wide vinyl plank flooring options with complementary lengths:

  • 6.65” wide x 48” long
  • 7” wide x 48” long
  • 7.25” wide x 37” long
  • 9.25” wide x 59.25” long

4.3 mm thick vinyl plank flooringVinyl Plank Thicknesses

As with plank widths and lengths, there are also a variety of plank thicknesses available in the flooring industry. Modern day vinyl flooring is inherently resilient, but certain plank thicknesses and wear layer thicknesses are better suited for certain settings, specifically, residential or commercial.

GoHaus offers vinyl plank flooring in several different thicknesses:

  • 2 mm thick, approved for residential and light commercial settings
  • 3 mm thick, approved for residential and commercial settings
  • 4.3 mm thick, approved for residential and commercial settings

Each option is water resistant and FloorScore certified. Every color and dimension also comes with an embossed or embossed-in-register texture in order to create the realistic feel of wood grain.

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