Hardwood Flooring Wear Layer

2mm maple wood floorsGenerally speaking, wear layer is the protective top layer of the floor that adds to the durability of the material. In engineered wood flooring, the wear layer refers to the wood veneer on top of the cross-ply, layered core, and the protective finish applied to it. With solid wood flooring, a wear layer is the thickness of the floor measured from the surface of the plank down to where the tongue and groove connects together. The thicker the wear layer, the better, as the thickness is an indicator of the longevity of the wood flooring.

The wood wear layer thickness will also determine how many times you’re able to sand and refinish the flooring to help bring new life to it.

As you’re learning in your hunt for the perfect wood floor, there are a lot of product specifications to consider before making a purchase. Aesthetics are important, but the number one thing to think about is a specification called “wear layer.” A wear layer is a term used in almost all hard surface floor coverings, except for tile.

Wear Layer Thickness

GoHaus carries six different hardwood flooring collections, comprised of various colors and wear layer thicknesses:

  • Acacia engineered wood, with a 1 mm wear layer
  • Maple engineered wood, with a 2 mm wear layer
  • White Oak engineered wood, with a 2 mm wear layer
  • European Oak engineered wood, with a 4 mm wear layer
  • Walnut engineered wood, with a 4 mm wear layer
  • Exotic engineered wood, with a 2 mm wear layer

All GoHaus wood flooring is engineered, meaning that each plank is built of a layered, plywood core. The layered core helps increase overall stability of the floor when changes in humidity occur, reducing expansion and contraction of each plank.

Wood Texture

Another specification that is part of the wear layer is texture. Wood planks can come smooth, hand scraped, wire brushed, distressed, and more. The various processes the wood goes through during the manufacturing process to give it that added “character” a lot of people seek. These processes often include:

  • Aging the wood: the aging process typically involves some sort of staining and/or sanding. Certain stains make the wood look older and used, while sanding with rough sand paper adds more texture to the grain. These two elements are also considered “weathering” and are used to make the beach wood look.
  • Wire brushing: As the term implies, this process simply means a wire brush is run along the wood planks to accentuate the grain of the wood.
  • Sculpting: A technique that is similar to hand scraping, but focused on sculpting around raised knots to give it even more natural quality.
  • Hand scraping: A method that scraps the surface layer of the wood to create indentations.

GoHaus wood flooring comes in two textures: hand scraped and wire brushed.

If you have any questions about GoHaus wood flooring and the wood wear layers we offer, call us at 1-877-334-2877 or support@gohaus.com to learn more.

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